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Bundoran Area Description

Bundoran (Irish: Bun Dobhráin) is a town in County Donegal, Ireland. The town is located on the N15 road near Ballyshannon, and is the most southerly town in Donegal. The town is a popular seaside resort, and tourism has been at the heart of the local economy since 1777. Bundoran is a world-renowned surfing area and was listed by National Geographic magazine in 2012 as one of the World's Top 20 Surf Towns.

Bundoran, or as it is known in Irish Bun Dobhráin (which means the foot of the little water), was, up until over a century ago, two separate villages. Bundoran was the village west of the bridge over the River Bradoge. This area is now called the West End. East of the bridge, about 2 kilometres (1 mile) away, was the village of Single Street. In between these two separate communities was the townland of Drumacrin. The area of Drumcacrin is now part of what is today's town centre. Single Street was where most of the local population lived. It was only after completion of the Enniskillen and Bundoran Railway in 1868, which opened a terminus that it called Bundoran, that the two distinct communities developed and merged to what are today called Bundoran.

The first official record of Bundoran is in a deposition by Hugh Gaskein on 16 May 1653. He was a witness to events during the 1641 Rebellion when he was an apprentice butcher in Sligo. In 1689 a skirmish was fought near Bundoran between a Jacobite force under Sir Connell Ferrall and the retreating Protestant garrison of Sligo.

William Cole, Viscount Enniskillen, built Bundoran Lodge, his summer home, in 1777. This building still stands on Bayview Avenue and is now called Homefield House. The Viscount seems to have started a trend amongst his contemporaries as more of them discovered Bundoran and visited it to enjoy the seaside and what were believed to be its health benefits.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Bundoran House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2020-11-06 204 Edenbay, Bundoran € 103965
2020-10-31 18 Drumacrin Ave, Bundoran, Donegal € 82000
2020-10-28 25 Marine Court, Bundoran, Co. Donegal € 57500
2020-10-13 51 Stracomer Hill, Bundoran € 123348
2020-10-08 20 Ross Avenue, Bundoran € 123348
2020-10-07 19 Ross Avenue, Bundoran, Co. Donegal € 140000
2020-09-24 104 Eden Bay, Bundoran, Co Donegal € 135000
2020-09-24 85 Whitemaple, Bundoran, Co Donegal € 130000
2020-09-18 87 White Maples, Bundoran, Donegal € 175000
2020-09-14 22 Ross Avenue, Bundoran € 118942
2020-09-05 41 Atlantic Way, Bundoran, Donegal € 67000
2020-09-04 5 Surfers Cove, Tullan Strand Rd, Bundoran € 98000
2020-08-28 70 White Maple Dr, Church Rd, Bundoran € 120000
2020-08-27 69 Atlantic Way, Bundoran, Donegal € 73000
2020-08-21 16 Dartry Close, West End, Bundoran € 94000
2020-08-20 11 Finnaville, East End, Bundoran € 185000
2020-08-10 13 Ross Avenue, Bundoran € 140969
2020-08-10 Ardfarna, Bundoran, Donegal € 150000
2020-08-10 Church Road, Bundoran, Co Donegal € 290000
2020-08-07 Overhead Apartment, Single Street Petrol Station, Single Street Bundoran € 130000
2020-07-31 Newtown Road, Bundoran € 202643
2020-07-27 21 Ross Avenue, Bundoran € 123348
2020-07-24 St Kevins, Sea Rd, Bundoran € 80000
2020-07-23 42 Gaelic Park Drive, Bundoran, Donegal € 60690
2020-07-09 10 Elismere Court, Bundoran, Donegal € 110000
2020-07-07 17 St Bridgets Tce, Bundoran, Donegal € 72500
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